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Usman Auto Repair Workshop LLC


We offer our customers two types of services:


At Usman Workshop we have access to a comprehensive database of manufacturers’ service schedules and are therefore able to maintain your vehicle in line with the manufacturers’ recommended guidelines, at rates often substantially lower than the main dealers. Manufacturers’ services are more tailored to the particular vehicle.


Menus Services are standardized service schedules which may be more suitable for older vehicles or vehicles with low mileage that don’t necessarily require manufacturer specification. There are three types of menu service:

The Bronze Service (Oil Service)

A lubricant service and health check, this is generally carried out on low-mileage, well maintained vehicles.

The Silver Service (Annual Service)

Should be carried out every 12,000 miles or 12 months to keep your car maintained correctly and limit wear and tear.

The Gold Service

A comprehensive service covering everything included in the silver service and also items regularly recommended for replacement every 2 years. This service should be carried out every 24,000 miles or 24 months.

For further advice and/or to book your car for a service, please contact us on +971 50 5388898.

It is important to service your car on a regular basis as a properly maintained car will be more fuel-efficient, more reliable and will reduce wear and tear. It will also ensure your car holds its value if / when you come to sell it as vehicles with a full service history can attract higher prices.